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Aging-In-Place Modifications to

continue living independently in the comfort and familiarity

of your own home

independent living solutions llc senior couple aging in place

Modifications for the

short and long term needs

of people recently discharged

from a hospital or other facility, as well as

those trying to cope with a chronic or progressive disability

independent living solutions llc modifications for people with disabilities

Our goal is to ensure a good fit with your unique needs and abilities - helping to avoid potentially costly mistakes in product selection and design solutions.

The Process
1) Begins with an in-depth interview with you and your loved ones to understand your values, needs, goals, and limitations. 
2) We conduct a thorough assessment of your living spaces, and observe how you function within your environment.
3) We make cost-effective recommendations to remove, modify, or compensate for barriers affecting normal daily routines. We take into consideration physical and cognitive abilities, ease of use/universal design principles, time frame for implementing changes, and aesthetics.
4) You receive a detailed written report of the assessment findings and recommendations.
5) We can assist you in the procurement and use of recommended products.
6) We can serve as your liason with contractors and builders to complete the modifications.
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