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independent living solutions llc baby boomers aging in place

Six questions to honestly ask yourself...


1. Have you begun to question whether or not you will be able to remain in your home as time goes         on  ~ fearing that you might have to move from the familiarity of the place you love?


2. Is it getting more difficult for you to physically maneuver around your home?


3. Do you find yourself holding onto furniture to keep your balance?


4. Have you fallen in your home, or are you becoming increasingly fearful that you may?


5. Has your vision or memory changed, making it harder for you to feel safe and independent?


6. Do you wonder if and how you could make your home safer and more accessible?


If so, Stay Put Solutions offers cost effective changes that:


  • Promote independence & safety

  • Eliminate barriers

  • Make your home work for you both functionally & aesthetically

  • ​​Add to the value of your home

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